Monday, July 29, 2019

July Recap

One month of popsicles and sweating my eyes out later, and I'm still alive. Here's what I did:

Books Read:

Mothership, by Isla Neal and Martin Leicht

Looking for Alaska, by John Green

. . . That's it. I've been terrible at getting reading done this summer.

TV Show Addictions:

Stranger Things Season Three!!

via Giphy
I wasn't a huge fan of the plot in this season, but I still loved getting to go back to Hawkins and see my fav characters again, and some new ones too. I loved Erica in this season--she was so snarky! But that ending? Left me in TEARS.

Miscellaneous Things:

-Went mini-golfing with some friends

-Almost hit some random dude with a golf ball

-Made ice-cream

-Went swimming in a creek

-Went to a free writing class

-Became obsessed with NCIS

-Started a new writing project (which I'm almost done with)

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On the blog: 

Versatile Blogger Tag

Five Feet Apart Review

How was your July? Anyone dreading August as much as I am?


  1. oooh, making ice cream is fun! I got no books read this month, it's been busy! ;)

    1. It was super fun!

      Hope you have an awesome August. :)

  2. “Almost hit some random dude with a golf ball.” MY LIFE RIGHT THERE. XD

    I’m glad you had a good July! And I hope your August is fantastic!

    1. Bahaha, totally 😂

      Thanks! Hope you have an fantastic August too. :)

  3. Yesss Stranger Things! Erica is a treasure. XD

  4. OOOH I love Looking for Alaska! Your July sounds super summery and fun!

    Happy August!
    Hanne ||

  5. I really want to read 'Looking for Alaska'! Sounds you had fun in July :) Have a wonderful August!!

    1. Btw, I've nominated you for a tag!


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