Monday, March 25, 2019

March 2019 Wrap-Up//OMG IT'S SPRING

It's finally Spring!!

Because what would a monthly wrap-up post on my blog be if it didn't start with a dancing GIF?

But seriously, I am so pumped for warm weather!

Books Read

Umm . . . none?

I'm almost done with two, though. And I just started The Book Thief for school. (Which I was super happy about, because they've actually picked a book that doesn't make me want to gauge my eyes out for once. :P)


Now, these I have seen a lot of.

-How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

It wasn't as action-packed as the other movies, but I still really enjoyed it! (Even though I cried. A lot XD)


I love detective shows, and Monk is no exception!

-The Umbrella Academy

I love superhero-inspired books and movies, so this TV show was right up my alley. The pacing was veeeery slow, but I loved the characters. Ben and Klaus are my faves. XD

Life-y Things

My family and I tried our first escape room, and it was so fun! We finished with five minutes to spare.

My school had color wars!  My school makes it a week long thing, where on Monday you dress in sports jerseys, and Tuesday you dress in Hawaiian shirts, etc etc. And then on Friday you dress in your class color and the grades compete against each other in a bunch of mini-games. (My grade lost miserably, but . . . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)  For Character Day, my friends and I did a Spongebob-themed group costume. I was Squidward. XD

I kept my hair in a super-tight bun all day, (because Squidward is bald. My friend told me I should have worn a bald cap, but I said no to that. XD) and when I took my hair out it felt like: 

I also attended my school's musical production of Shrek. (Fun-fact--I have never seen the movie.) I did interviews with the cast members, and wrote an article about it for my school newspaper. (Although, I'm still waiting for it to be published, because the girl who I co-wrote it with still has to get her section finished and approved.)

Anyway, despite losing Color Wars by a wide margin, March was still a relatively good month for me. How was yours?


  1. MONK!!!! *chants “Monk” over and over* I LOVE THAT TV SHOW!!! I have begun quoting “It’s a gift, and a curse,” incessantly. XD

    And YAY the Book Thief! That’s so cool that your school’s reading it! Usually school reading materials are AWFUL . . . the rest of my grade is reading Of Mice and Men. -_- I wasn’t impressed. XD

    Great post! I hope you have an excellent June!

    1. Bahaha--I love it too!

      Ugh, I think Of Mice and Men might be our summer reading assignment. :(

      Thanks! I hope you have an excellent June too! <3

  2. That dress up day sounds like it was fun!

    And the Book Thief is so good. <33

    1. It totally was!

      I'm only about 100 pages in, but I'm really enjoying it so far. :)

  3. Just today I was telling my sister that I thought it would be fun to do an escape room! Was it a little scary?

    It sounds like you had a fun month! It's crazy to think that it's almost April...

    1. It was super fun! I would recommend watch a video on tips for escaping before you go, because it helps put you in the mindset. (That's what my mom and brother did.)

      I know right! This year is going so fast!

  4. Never seen Monk might have to look into it. Dress up day sounds fun! Ah, I so want to do an escape room! :)

    1. Monk is so good, and character day was so fun!

      If you do an escape room, let me know if you like it. Hope you have a fantastic April! :)

  5. Yay for spring! I'm usually not one to get tired of winter but this year I was ready for it to be over.

    I really want to do an escape room someday! My library just hosted one a few months ago and I'm so mad I missed it. :P

    1. Same here! This winter seemed especially dreary.

      Aw, hopefully you get to do one soon!

      Hope you have a fantastic April!


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