Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Get to Know Me Tag// Writer's Edition

If you've been around the blogosphere for the past few months, chances are, you've heard of (or participated in) this Get to Know Me Tag. And guess what? I was tagged!!

(Also, you may notice that this is most definitely *not* a writing prompt. I was tagged on Saturday, and completed the tag on my lazy Sunday. It was supposed to go up this Friday--but yesterday was a LONG day (I'll elaborate in another blog post) and my brain was too frazzled to come up with something coherent for a prompt. :P)


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This tag was created by the wonderful Savannah at Inspiring Writes

Thank you so much to the always awesome Danielle for tagging me!! <3

And most of the bloggers that I follow have already participated in this tag, so if you see this, and you want to participate, then go ahead and consider yourself tagged!

Vital Stats and Appearance

Name: Kara

Nicknames: Well, my name isn't one that really has a whole lot of variations and/or nicknames--but I do have one friend that calls me Mega-Nerd. :P

Birthday: I don't really like putting my birthday on the internet.
(Creepy people are real, man.)

Hair color and length: Brown, and it used to be close to two feet, but I cut it back to my shoulders this week
(Perhaps a new blog profile picture is in order?)

Eye color: Green

Braces/piercings/tattoos: No tattoos and no piercings. I have a retainer, if that counts.
(The byproduct of two awful braces-filled years.)

Righty or lefty: Righty

Ethnicity: Caucasian, but most of my family hails from Europe.


First novel written: Eesh. It was about four years ago--and was about a girl who passes out and wakes up in another dimension. (The logic was *very* shaky. :P)

First novel completed: This past June, I competed my first novel, a middle grade fantasy.

Award for Writing: This past year, I won a golden key during the regionals for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. 
(That same story went on to win a silver medal at nationals.)

First publication: Nothing yet--but hopefully someday!

Conference: Again, nothing yet.

Query/pitch: I feel like I should just be copying and pasting my answer, because once again, nothing yet. :P


Novel (that you wrote): Well, I've only ever completed one--but right now, I'm going to say my new WIP. The old one is being too difficult in revisions right now.

Genre: Fantasy all the way!

Middle Grade--Shannon Messenger
YA--Stephanie Perkins or Sarah J. Maas

Writing Music: Lately I've been writing to the Zelda: Breath of the Wild soundtrack. But my go-to bands/artists are Lindsey Stirling, OneRepublic, and Imagine Dragons.

Time to Write: Late at night--there are less things to distract me.

Writing Snack/Drink: Popcorn! It's my favorite snack in general--but I have to be careful not to get my keyboard oily, so sometimes it can be a pain. :P

Movie: Okay, there's no way I can choose just one, so: How to Train Your Dragon, Murder on the Orient Express, Incredibles 2, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, or Set it Up.
That was a lot. Whoops.
(I love Ferris so much. There's a picture of me floating around the internet where I'm wearing a grey T-shirt that says SAVE FERRIS. :P)

Writing Memory: Probably finishing my first novel.

Childhood Book: Anyone else grow up with Skippyjon Jones? Ooh--or Elephant and Piggy!


Reading: To All the Boys I've Loved Before, by Jenny Han
(Can't wait for the Netflix movie to come out!)

Writing: Another fantasy novel, and a few flash-fiction pieces

Listening to: Imagine Dragons, and Chuck Berry

Watching: The TV show, Bones (It's SO good!)
(Although it's a detective show, so if you're squeamish about bones and blood and, uh, killers, you might not want to watch it.)

Learning: Nothing much--it's summer vacation. :P But I am doing some novel research, so I guess that counts.


Want to be Published: Absolutely!
(I have, like, zero backup career plans.)

Indie or Traditional: Traditional! It would be awesome to have a whole publishing team behind me.

Wildest Goal: To write a New York Times bestseller. Or visit Australia. A girl can dream, right?

Wow. That was fun!

So what about you guys?
What was one of your favorite childhood books?
And do you want to be a published author?
Indie or traditional?

Have an amazing week!


  1. YAY, you did the tag! Savannah was a genius for coming up with this!

    Ugh, yes, braces! I wore them for 1.5 years and still wear the retainer. The only thing I got out of the experience was that I am NEVER becoming an orthodontist! :)

    The book you completed was a middle-grade fantasy? That’s so cool! (By the way, how did you decide that it was MG and not YA?)

    Yeeessss, Shannon Messenger! Best. Author. Ever. (Except maybe for Tolkien.....but that’s a given.) Flashback is coming out in three months and I am so excited!!! Have you already read Nightfall?

    As for indie vs. traditional.......I haven’t really decided yet. Right now I’m leaning towards indie, but I’m praying about it, and hopefully I find out soon!

    Anyways, if you’ll excuse my monster comment up there (XD), I loved learning more about you! (Not in a stalker-y way, I promise! I’ve tried wording this differently as I see more people doing this, but they all come out creepy. Whoops. :) )

    1. I know right!

      I definitely agree--no more orthodontist for me, thank you.

      Thanks! I decided to classify it as MG and not YA, because there wasn't any cursing, or any romance between the main characters.

      YES I HAVE! A friend and I actually went to see her on the Nightfall tour. She was so funny and so sweet and excuse me while I fangirl forever! (But just out of curiosity, are you Team Keefe or Team Fitz?)

      Hope you figure everything out soon! Count me in for buying a copy!

      Ha-ha! No problem--I like comments of all lengths!

    2. Ah, the MG thing makes sense. I asked because I’m trying to figure out if my current WIP is MG or YA, and . . . I’m still figuring it out. XD

      *takes deep breath* Okay. . . . I have been Team Fitz since Book 1. But after Nightfall . . . I MIGHT be making a switch to Team Keefe?? I’m honestly fine with either one. I’m just glad she eliminated one in Nightfall (because Dex just wasn’t going to happen), although I was still kind of disappointed. Which one are you? And who’s your favorite character?

      Aw, thanks, Kara! That just warmed my heart.

    3. I assumed so, hope you figure it out soon! :)

      Yes! I was hardcore Team Fitz (I even got a t-shirt XD) up until book four or five. Since then, I have been convinced that Sokeefe is the cutest thing ever. But, like you said, I'll be happy with either.

      My favorite character? That's a hard one! I'm going to say Sophie. I love her snark in book six, and I think that she's a very well developed character. She's strong, but still has lots of emotional weaknesses/insecurities.

      Keefe is a very close second though, because I have actually laughed out loud while reading his parts. (I learned that I can't read KOTLC in public, because I have such a hard time keeping a straight face. XD)

      No problem, Nicole!

    4. Oh my word, yes to both of those characters! And I agree about the reading KOTLC in public thing. There’s waaaayy too much humor in it. My favorite characters would be Sophie, followed by the Song twins. I also like Marella after Nightfall, and, of course, Keefe!

      This is getting to be a really long conversation about KOTLC. Sorry about that!

    5. Absolutely! I love the Song twins, too!

      Ha-ha, no worries. XD

  2. Ferris Bueller's Day off is an awesome movie. You write middle grade, how cool! I think I want to give writing a middle grade book a go. I've been reading a lot of them lately and loving them.

    Popcorn is an awesome writing snack, I try to put on as little butter as possible.

    1. YES! I just watched it today (again) because my friend had never seen the whole thing.

      I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed writing my MG.

      Yes--same here! It's such a pain when the keyboard gets greasy.

  3. This tag is always so much fun to read!!

    Another Ferris Bueller's Day Off fan?!?! YAY!!! :DD

    Oh, I like Middle Grade, although I prefer YA. But Middle grade is such a cool genre to write in. ^_^

    1. Yay! I love Ferris so much!

      I like both genres, although I've been branching out into more YA books recently. And while I do really love writing middle grade, my new WIP, is probably going to end up being a YA.)

  4. This was a super fun post to read! I see some on our answers where the same :) But that's fine we'll change that conference question soon!

    I can't believe I forgot about How to Train Your Dragon when I wrote my post! It's like one of my favorites! Have you seen the trailer for the 3ed movie yet?

    1. Thanks, Marrok. :)

      Yes, I have seen the trailer! I'm super excited!!

  5. If you ever make it to Australia, let me know! I'd be happy to show you around. :)

    I just finished watching To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and it was amazing! So sweet and heartfelt. <3 It was lovely to get to know you more, Kara!

    1. Ha-ha, will do! :)

      Yes! So good.

      Thanks, Melissa. :)

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