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MMGM--Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

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Okay, I know that I've gushed over the covers of both the other two books I've MMGMed (that's totally a word--right?)(You can find those other reviews HERE, and HERE) but seriously--look at the pretty!

*stares at beautiful cover*

One of the things that I like best about the cover is that it actually resembles that of an actual  storybook--which fits the story perfectly.

Unless you've heard of this book before--you probably won't know why a fairy tale would play such an integral part of the story--so perhaps the publisher's description will clear a bit of this up for you:

Alex and Conner Bailey's world is about to change. 

When the twins' grandmother gives them a treasured fairy-tale book, they have no idea they're about to enter a land beyond all imagining: The Land of Stories, where fairy tales are real.

But as Alex and Conner soon discover, the stories they know so well haven't ended in this magical land--Goldilocks is now a wanted fugitive, Red Riding Hood has her own kingdom, and Cinderella is about to become a mother!

The twins know they must get home somehow. But with the legendary Evil Queen hot on their trail, will they ever find the way?

This is the second book that I've reviewed regarding fairy tales--can you sense that pattern too? What can I say? I like fantasy.

Anyway--this book is written by the fabulous Chris Colfer, and if his name sounds familiar, it's probably because Colfer is a man of many talents. He's an actor, and some of his more well known acting jobs include an American comedy TV show, called Glee, and a movie, Struck by Lightning, which Colfer both starred in and directed. He's actually directing a Land of Stories movie--so if you read and enjoy the book--make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

Sorry for all the rambling, but I couldn't resist.

Anyway, chapter one opens up in Mrs. Peter's sixth grade classroom, and readers can tell that stories and fairy tales will play a huge part in the novel from the get-go.

Another thing that I like about this book is that the characters start off as average people with a grandmother who has a knack for telling fairy tales. I think that this gives readers something to relate to when they read the books, because Alex and Conner aren't that different from any other middle-school kid.

Alex and Conner are two characters that I absolutely adore. Using twins as the main characters was a brilliant choice on Colfer's part because while the Baileys might look alike--their personalities are polar opposite. Throughout the novel, Alex acts as the voice of reason, always seeming to whip up a logical solution for any problem. Conner on the other hand, tends to act as a comic relief and he tends to fly by the seat of his pants when a problem arises. The personalities play off of each other perfectly, with Alex keeping Conner from getting into too big of trouble, while Conner tries to get Alex to loosen up, and live life a bit more spontaneously.

The world building in this story is remarkable--Colfer has managed to take something that so many other people have already explored, and make it new and different and completely his own.

This post is starting to get fairly lengthy--so I think I'll wrap it up here.

You can find The Land of Stories website HERE

Happy Reading! 


  1. Oooh, that is a pretty cover! And the story actually has a few echoes of the MG that my agent has taken out on submission, so I'm betting I'd love it! Thanks for the recommendation, and happy MMGM!


  2. Yes, I'll put my vote in for such a great cover. The story and characters also sound great. Thanks for the fun review. I'm pretty sure MMGMed and MMGMer are real words.

  3. The covers do draw you to the story! They are spectacular. What a perfect summer read. I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy this series too! I love fantasy, but rarely review it -- except today!

  4. Yes, the cover is amazing, isn’t it? I liked the first book the best of all the series, to be honest. I’m glad you liked it!

  5. Love the cover. And I like fantasy like you. I'll have to start with book 1 in the series.

  6. You're right about the cover, and it looks like a vintage piece. I think that has great appeal.


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