Sunday, May 6, 2018

Aladdin on Broadway

Okay, so yesterday I got to visit New York City for the first time, and got to see a show on Broadway for the first time. (Which was SUPER exciting!) Let me just say, if you ever have the chance to see a Broadway show--DO IT! You will not regret it, I promise.

I do not have pictures, because we weren't supposed to use any kind of recording devices during the performance, and I figured that I should respect that. But--that will not stop me from raving about this show. Their scene changes were out of this world, and when Aladdin went into the Cave of Wonders, my jaw nearly dropped at the amount of effort that went into making that scene. Oh--and the magic carpet ride! The actors actually flew in the air, and sang--without falling off--which was something I could not even attempt to do.

The writing was hilarious as well, specifically the lines for Genie (Major Attaway) and Iago (Don Darryl Rivera).

One of my favorite parts in when Jafar and Iago are finding out about the Genie in the lamp, and Iago says, "I thought genies were make believe, like dragons or fairies or happy marriages." Made the whole theater crack up. (Pretty sure I might have paraphrased a little with that line though--because my brain is way to tired to remember word for word.)

Also--why a girl brought a hamburger into a Broadway theater, I'm not really sure. Unless that's a New York thing that I don't know about. Pretty sure it's not.

And while Times Square and Broadway were fun experiences, I think I'll chalk NYC up as "been there, done that" on my Places That I Want to Go list.

Not because it wasn't exciting--it definitely was. But because I found out that I was extremely clueless about how to act in the city. I am both a country girl, and an introvert, so I think I will leave the big city life to other people, and stay shut up in my room writing, or exploring fictional worlds.

Have an amazing week!

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