Saturday, April 28, 2018


Yes, typing that many exclamation marks was really necessary, because for the past few weeks mother nature has decided to start doing this weird limbo thing, where one day it's sunny and 80 degrees out, and then the next day it feels like I'm all the way back in January. But for the past few days, I've been able to go outside in a t-shirt and jeans and not run the risk of getting frostbite. Not to mention the leaves that are starting to grow on my apple tree. Which means that soon there will be apple buds--and I'm telling you, I look forward to smelling them every year. (I have yet to find an apple blossom perfume, but if I ever do, I will buy eight bottles on the spot.)

So, I think that it might finally be time to hang up my trusty denim jacket for the season.

Here's to hoping that summer is here to stay.

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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