Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Weekly Wednesday Writing Prompt

"Don't look at me! I've got nothing but my good looks."

*Throws confetti* *Cheers*

Yay!! It is time for my first official blog post of  2018. Actually, it's my first blog post ever. And I'm super excited. Also, *really* nervous.

I've wanted a blog for a long time now, but I kept giving myself excuses about why I shouldn't blog.

You won't have any followers.

No one will want to read your posts.

You don't even have your novel finished yet.

Yeah, these were things that I would tell myself whenever I thought about blogging. I was waiting for an excuse to blog for a long time, before I realized that I couldn't keep putting it off. So, here goes. I'm officially out into the Blogger Universe now.

So, if you took time out of your schedule to read this: Thank you!!!!

Writing Prompts will be posted every Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday! :)

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